LoveTank is like a think tank but for your company’s heart.  And soul.

LoveTank, a Communications4Good partner, helps corporations find their prosperity point — the place where profit meets purpose. We’re a group of creatives and corporate veterans who bring a diverse skill set: we curate conversations and events with the express goal of deepening community and purpose, increasing creativity, collaboration and yes — happiness. Profit? Study after study shows productivity increases when employees feel a shared sense of purpose, connection, feel valued and cared for, and are… well… happy.

We offer strategy, facilitation, events and incentives to companies seeking a new approach to employee retention and engagement, community relations, foundations, product development and business strategy.

Dunk Tank: One day immersion with speakers, thought leaders, employee engagement exercises, and facilitated discussions that create community, shared purpose and action plans.

GNH: Workshops and events that bring together experts, training materials, best practices and change management tools used by leaders in Gross National Happiness programs.

Exploration: Engaging cultural, business, and social thought leaders through curating expedition experiences that bring purpose to art, communities, and companies.

Locations include Bhutan, Denmark, Costa Rica.

Tribal Revival
An arc of coherent themed events are the most tangible way of building a sense of tribe, of community. These events serve as key milestones for introducing and engaging the employees as the primary stakeholders who will live out corporate purpose:

  • Sales Kick-off Meeting: Creating Well-Being for the Business
  • Top Producer Reward Meeting/Event: Happiness and Success
  • Summer Family/Employee Volunteer Event: Creating a Happy and Healthy Life
  • Holiday Event: Happiness is Sharing

Internal Communications
Campaigns: Strategies and implementation support for creating and communicating the purpose-driven narrative to internal stakeholders

Social collaboration:
A hybrid of external social media and internal communications as a platform for participation and integration.

Engagement platforms: Leverage and integrate the best of employee engagement platforms to track, measure and report on employee attitudes, activations, and other results. | 831 480 7177 {tel} | Communications4Good | NextSpace | 101 Cooper Street | Santa Cruz | CA | 95060