Transformative Communications
Our team is consistently refining the ways we communicate to provide forums for iterative, interactive stories that accelerate transformation. We are striving to establish an easily understood, recognizable Language of Goodness ™ that gives business a way to focus, talk about, share, motivate and implement change in the world — change that values people, respects planetary resources and fosters prosperity. Increased stakeholder engagement is the hallmark of a successful sustainability strategy. The intention is to assist clients in enhancing relationships with customers, employees, suppliers, regulators, and industry influencers using two-way, inviting, and collaborative channels of communication. 

Strategic Start
This one-time assessment, positioning and communications package is designed for early stage companies and new market entries from established players. A comprehensive market analysis and communications plan, the Strategic Start includes a messaging matrix and top line influencer targets. Information can be leveraged for investor pitches, marketing materials, business plans and go-to-market campaigns.

Events and Experiences
LoveTank, a Communications4Good partner, offers strategy, facilitation, events and incentives to companies seeking a new approach to employee retention and engagement, community relations, foundations, product development and business strategy.

Creative Support:  From Photoshop to PowerPoint, we can create, edit and implement basic graphical changes needed to keep marketing materials, sales literature or other publications up to date. We have expertise in the Adobe suite of creative services.

Research:  We can create research reports on a variety of areas related to your business success.  From an assessment of where your potential clients congregate online and industry-related groups and organizations you can join, to a competitive analysis of products and pricing, we collect and organize the data you need to make decisions.  We can research advertising resources or pricing, or gather materials sourcing information.  We quickly and efficiently gather information and make it quickly available through printed or online reporting.

Social Media:  We can set you up with a free, easy, social networking and micro-blogging web service that enables you to post to multiple social networks simultaneously and provide regular reporting to show how much traffic you are getting on your various sites.  Create and place text or banners in Google, Facebook, LinkedIn or other social media.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO):  assist clients with first page ranking, outranking the competition, search optimization research and implementation that includes keyword and competitor research, content optimization, and link-building efforts

Web site: We are adept in both WordPress and HTML coding and can design, build, and maintain a simple, professional website.  We can make ongoing changes, edits or upload new information to your website, whether site was created by us or by someone else.  We are able to make simple text changes on your website when you add a new product, service, or announce a new event.  And, we can teach you the basics of WordPress or other template, allowing you to make changes easily and quickly yourself

Operational Support

Process Design and Improvement: Many small businesses require clear documentation of processes and procedures that involve employees, suppliers or customers.  We can create the process design and documentation needed to keep everyone clear about who does what, when and what outcomes are expected. If you need a form or spreadsheet to track information, we can provide the solution.

Database Management and Processing:  From capturing business cards gathered at a conference to creating ongoing customer emails and updates, we create and maintain databases in a variety of database/email programs like MailChimp, Constant Contact, etc.  We can prepare, send, track and report on a variety of communications to your ever-growing and updated database.

Project Management:  We keep your projects running smoothly, keeping everyone on the team advised about timing, budget, inter-dependencies and scheduling.  Using a variety of project management tools and sites (including Basecamp), we can start with project scoping and or handle all aspects via e-mails, and phone calls to make sure everyone is meeting their deadlines. We report back to you by e-mail or you can check online tools.

Administrative Services:  We are available for those simple tasks that can complicate your life, keeping you from running your business smoothly.  We can answer emails or pick up mail, run errands or eFax documents.  We make deliveries and pick-ups and will answer the phones so you can get your work done. | 831 480 7177 {tel} | Communications4Good | NextSpace | 101 Cooper Street | Santa Cruz | CA | 95060